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"When you are employed at Relief Nursing Agency you have support, encouragement and a team of professional people behind you. Keep up the great work and I really appreciate all the great help you've given me over the years!"

Brett T. RN Div1


Additional Testimonials

"I'm a Division 1 nurse that has been with Relief for the past 5 years. I find the allocation staff friendly, approachable, courteous and professional. There are plenty of shifts."

Linda S. RN Div1

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"I find the allocation staff very friendly and professional in the way that they conduct themselves which is why they are very informative and helpful people when giving you shifts."

"Very professional and friendly agency to work for who offer great pay rates and reliable shifts that are close to home."

Feedback provided during a recent staff survey by Tracie L. (PCA)

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"Since signing up with Relief I have had nothing but a positive experience, staff are tremendously supportive, understanding and pleasant. You are always treated as a family member rather than a number. Additionally due to the close relationship that the staff of Relief has built with me they know my preferences of facilities, location as well as my availability in that I am never left without a shift."

Anita K. Endorsed Nurse

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"I've worked for Relief for the past 3 years and I am very happy as they are always ringing me with shifts.  Relief work well to fit shifts around my permanent job and are never pushy or demanding. The girls in the office are very friendly and understanding making it a nice place to work."

Kerry B. Endorsed Nurse

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“I have been with Relief for over 3 years and they’re a great agency to work for. I’ve found them to be professional and friendly. Because they know how far I travel for shifts and the facilities I like I am only offered shifts that are suitable for me. As they have a lot of shifts I always get the shifts I need.”

Josephine N. RN Div1

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